Yogurt & Smoked Paprika Hollandaise Sauce

Guilt-Free Yogurt Hollandaise Sauce Easy Healthy Recipe


If you’re skipping the hollandaise sauce because you feel guilty about all that fat, stop depriving yourself! Here’s a lighter alternative using a base of plain yogurt. Delicious, decadent food can be healthy!

Healthy Recipe Benefits

So here are a few benefits of this guilt-free hollandaise sauce. Yogurt offers digestive benefits through probiotics, and replaces an overindulgent amount of butter… but also… mayonnaise. Most store-bought mayonnaise brands contain hydrogenated oils. You’ll also get a kick of turmeric to fight inflammation.



2 Tbl Plain Organic Yogurt

4 Egg Yolks

3 Tbl Organic Butter

1 tsp Turmeric

Pinch of Cayenne Pepper

Pinch of Smoked Paprika

Pinch of garlic

Pinch of Sea Salt

Pinch of Parsley



  1. In a small pan, melt the butter over low heat.
  2. Fill a small pot about 1/4 full of water and bring to a low rolling boil.
  3. In a bowl that fits well on top of the pot, whisk all ingredients until well blended.
  4. Add butter to the blended ingredients. Mix well.
  5. Place the bowl with blended ingredients on top of the pot of boiling water. (Do not let the bowl touch the water… the idea is to slowly heat the bowl with the steam from the boiling water).
  6. Stir frequently until all ingredients have melted together and thickened.

Drizzle on top of farm fresh eggs. Garnish with a pinch of smoked paprika to make it pretty. Enjoy!