Getting back to the basics

6 Ways to Decrease Your Sugar Cravings

In the last 20 years, the average person went from consuming about 26 lbs, of sugar to a whopping 150 lbs of sugar a year. Most can’t lift that much weight and yet, the average person is consuming it. Scary thing is most of us probably aren’t even aware of it. Read the salad dressing…

beverage replacements

5 Better Beverage Replacements

Last week I talked about why water is so important. This week is to help to get to that point that you drink more of it. And when you don’t, some better options: Electrolyte drinks (e.g. Gatorade) contain artificial colors, sugars and/or artificial sweeteners. Try replacing with unsweetened coconut water. Coconut water is one of the…

most important nutrient oxygen

7 Ways to Get More of the #1 Nutrient

Discover the healthy benefits of the most important nutrient and how to improve the quality and get more of it.