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Happy and healthy is not a destination, it's a lifestyle... and it's yours if you want it.

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Toss the rules

Let's forgo living by strict rules and listing everything you can't have. Instead, let's discover the body you want to live in - with flexibility and free of guilt.

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The Holy Grail Diet

If there was one, there would be only 1 diet book sold. Let's discover the food and lifestyle choices that fuel your body. It's time to have that body you want to live in!

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"I'll restart next Monday"

Ever say it? It was my mantra. Every time I "failed" I beat myself up eating everything in sight…until next Monday. Screw Monday, let's start today! And the best way ~ is together.

"I loved working with Tammie

....she focused on real attainable goals and helping me view my relationship with food differently. Each meeting gave me an AHA moment. The goals we set up together I have achieved and even went a little past my expectations. Tammie has great insight into a healthy lifestyle.  ~Kathy S.